Monday, April 7, 2014

Papa and Vivi

Papa and Vivi were the first family members to make it to town after learning I was in labor with Caleb. They were only 1.5 hours away in Round top, Texas so they drove over as soon as they heard the news and relieved Dana and Sheila of their duties (taking care of our older 3 kids) while I was delivering. 

Vivi spent from Wednesday night (the night I delivered) until Sunday night at our house taking care of the 3 older kids while I was in the hospital. Jordan still had to work some so he wasn't able to be home full time during the day so Vivian being there was a huge help to us! It also allowed Jordan the time to come up and visit me and Caleb in the hospital for a few hours in the evenings after the big kids were in bed. The kids loved having their Vivi there to love on them. Papa had to work in Canton that weekend, since it was first Monday, so he left early Thursday morning and came back Sunday night to pick up Vivi and meet Caleb. 

I don't have many pictures of the days Vivi spent with the kids since I was in the hospital but I know they had a blast with her and it was such a blessing to have her stand in for me while I couldn't be there. The kids didn't miss a beat and felt loved on and cared for while I was away which was such a blessing!

Sunday she cooked a big lunch for everyone because most of my family was coming in town to meet Caleb and we were going to do his newborn photo shoot with Meagan that day. She made a wonderful roast, potatoes and carrots and 2 pies! It was so nice to have her there taking care of everything so we could focus on getting Caleb's pictures taken in the small window of time we had.

Papa came back into town Sunday (from Canton) and got to meet Caleb for the first time before they had to head back to Dallas. 

We were sad to see her go when she left on Sunday. The only thing keeping the kids from crying was the fact that Nana literally walked in the door as Papa and Vivi were saying their goodbyes to head back to Dallas. We LOVE it when they come to visit. The kids always are so sad to see them go. It's never long enough! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coming home

We came home from the hospital on Saturday April 5th. I had been discharged Friday morning but they let me stay and "room in" with Caleb until he reached his 48 hour mark (for his antibiotics). We got home around nap time so the kids were all asleep when we arrived. 

They made signs with Vivi and hung them up all over the house

and in Caleb's doorway

Vivi was able to get in some snuggles with Caleb before the big kids woke up.

Hunter and Madison came down first and got to meet him for the first time. 

 Then Audrey woke up and came down. She immediately ran over to him and said "my baby!!" and tried to take him away from me!

She was pretty possessive of him and was not a happy camper when her turn to hold him was up!

I love these 4!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Audrey is 2!

Sweet Audrey it's so hard to believe 2 whole years have already flown by. You are suppose to still be the baby of the family and now you seem so big compared to Caleb. You are a ball of spunk. You have so much personality it can barely be contained. You are loud, wild, and love to put on a show but you can also be a total watcher and sit in the background just observing things quietly around you. You understand so much and you love to mimic what you see others doing...which can be both good and bad!

You are so sweet and snuggly and still very much love to be held.

You also love to run away...very fast.

You love to be right in the middle of whatever is going on. This picture just captures it perfectly. Whatever Hunter and Madison are doing you are right there trying to keep up and will often position yourself so that they have no choice but to include you. 

You are a great eater. You rarely turn down food and will try anything. You especially love condiments. 

You tell long drawn out stories of mostly jibberish. You speak in full sentences so fast that we usually only catch a word or two that we can actually comprehend. 

Did I mention you have a big personality? Either happiest or saddest in the room. You remind me a lot of Hunter at this age except you do have a quiet watchful side to you and you self entertain so well. 

You very much love to be at the table drawing... all day. Anytime we are doing school you want to be at the table using all the same books and supplies that we are using. 

You love animals. Anytime we see an animal you scream with excitement and run over to it. 

You have a love hate relationship with gymnastics. They let you join the 2 year old class when you were 1.5 because you always wanted to be out on the floor doing what Madison was doing. But now that you are officially in the class you want to be in my lap over on the side OR you want me to be out there carrying you on the floor. Somedays all you need is a few minutes to warm up to the idea and then you take off and join your class. 

You love to wear pretty dresses, shoes and bows. I think Sunday might be your favorite day. 

You love it when I paint your nails and toes.

You LOVE to be tickled and you love to tickle others. Sometimes you come up and stick your neck out and say "tickle" so we will tickle you. Then you run off and laugh and then come back for more.

You have no fear, much like Madison at this age, you will climb and jump off of anything. You learned how to jump and actually get off the ground recently and you will often call out "MOMMA!!" and then when I look up you will jump over and over again saying "jump" with a proud look on your face. 

You are one of a kind sweet girl and not a day goes by that you don't make us laugh and just fall in love with you more and more. You are so full of life and so full of joy and we feel so blessed to be chosen to raise you. You are so special to us and we love you more than you could ever know.